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Artist Statement 

The creator’s vibrations in the form of colors, and textures come into my mind. The next, the what the heart, soul, and spirit are experiencing. Art is freedom, it moves, it breathes. A dance of colors, textures, lines, ideas, and concepts. Visual songs are captured primarily in mixed media, collage, and acrylic paint. I allow ideas to flow.  My brush strokes are rhythmically applied into the medium. In the works, I strive to create art that is not only a balancing vehicle for others, but for me as well.

   Transitioning from one asymmetrical form to the next, the figurative forms are rendered using canvas, paper, sand, broken cement, dirt, pencil shavings, and whatever I can get my hands on to get the textures. My works also serve to convey the relationship that we share with all aspects of creation. I am honored to be a vessel for the journey.


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