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Aaron Pines was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1960. Encouraged by his mother, (herself a clothing designer,) to be artistic, she created an atmosphere of creative freedom, and exploration. Being self taught, Aaron studied art and history simultaneously. While learning more about history he was inspired to drawn, and paint what he learned. In his early days he read about the life of known artist to get a grasp of their triumphs’, and trials. Techniques were learned reading books, on art.  His lifestyle has been holistic for the last 30 years, so his love of nature many times reflects in the themes of the work. Acrylics, paper, pencil shavings, sand, water color, applied with rags, brushes, or raw is the preferred technique. He applies layers and texture that mimic abstractly the substance of life. “I just let go and see what comes through while enjoying the flow, and the movement.” His thoughts are that we are both concrete, and lucid, rock, and river, art helps to explore both energies. Layers of mixed media, mimic the layers of earth, the deepness of water, or the negative space of air. The viewer’s interaction with the works is an important aspect of the process for Aaron. The works serve to convey the coming together and fragmentation of energy matter in all manifestation. His school is life, the greatest teacher. In the beginning of his career the art was figurative, and definitive. The last 7 years the focus has been on discovering his style, and building a consistent body of work. Aaron’s goal as an artist is for the viewer to in some way heal from their experience with the works. A personal goal is for the art to assist in reaching true freedom of mind. Art can be very therapeutic.  He knows that subtle vibrations heal, and art is one of the purest forms of vibration.


In 2017, Aaron was honored to be a part of, “African American Icons Exhibit”, which included 21 pen & ink drawings of influential historical personalities, donated to the African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey.

Aaron lives and works in Wilmington, Delaware still being inspired by his wonderful mother.








1960- unto infinity, The Universe



2014- September, "Introspections", group show, Artevaggio art gallery, Duluth, Ga.


2014- November, " Bakehouse Art Complex, Lucky 7, SIlent Auction


2014- November, “Divisions" group show, Artevaggio art gallery, Duluth, Ga.


2015 - February, " Pulp" group show, 

Liberty Town  Arts Workshop, Fredericksburg, Va.

2017- September, “African American Icons" 2 person show.

African American Heritage Museum of South Jersey, Atlantic City, New Jersey



Aaron Pierre Pines artist

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